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What is Soldiers of Fitness?

Soldiers of Fitness was born from a desire to teach families overseas about fitness in the only place they had: the outdoors. The concept worked so well we brought it back to Canada and for eleven years we’ve been changing people’s lives. We run fitness classes that will help you lose weight, get in shape, make new friends and be happier in life. Our methods are the same as our ancestors: work hard, move often (pain free), and feel support from an incredible community.

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“To say that Soldiers of Fitness has been a life-changer may seem a bit dramatic, but for me it truly has been. After letting myself get severely overweight and out of shape, I knew I had to do...Read more

Kay O'Shea


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Leadership During Fitness Missions

We are crushing goals today! But not all goals are fitness related. You can learn a lot from working in a group. When it comes to running a fitness mission, there are a few "simple" things to keep in...Read more

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