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It's time to get fit, make friends and stay inspired. With interactive missions and creative workouts, you will succed at the most creative and fun workouts you've ever attempted.

Don't worry about your current fitness level. We will work with where you are and take you to where you have never been.

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Community, Inspiration, Change

You will not feel alone in our group. We build communities of friends that grow together. Our members are committed to and inspired by each other because we are like family. Make a change in your regime. Take control of your life and live the difference the right people will make.

"You become who you spend time with." Tony Robbins

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Team Building

Our bread and butter. All our classes are built on fundamentals of team work. Those fundamentals include Leadership, Communication, Unity, Morale, Anticipation and Skills. Each of these fundamentals has the power to change how you view your work environment and your personal relationships. We have changed the way people see each other and those around them in positive and inspiring ways.

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See Real Results

We see results as a by-product of our programming. With low ratio training, team building and people that care, results will come quickly in many forms: leadership, team work, weight loss, muscle building, toning, and much more.

Our Mission Statement

To teach the fundamentals of fitness and team work to our community in order to bring respect, admiration and better fitness to everyone. More important than results is teaching people their state of mind - if we can change the way you see yourself and those around you, you'll find success and happiness for life.

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Kay O'Shea


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mission. team. self.

Meet the Owner

Hello, I'm Mark Nadon and I own Soldiers of Fitness. With my family (2 great boys and a wonderful wife) I know how vital family is and how important it is for you to have flexibility and get your family involved in fitness. That's why I designed Soldiers of Fitness over 10 years ago to focus on creating a stronger community. When you attend my classes you become a member of our family and it's my goal to make sure you feel like you're being treated that way. Our packages and classes are flexible for you and your family. In October we'll have kids programs in the early evening for kids aged 8 - 15 years old. Nobody can beat our combination of service, pricing and low instructor candidate ratio, giving you the benefit of one-on-one training in a group atmosphere focused on team work and team building. If you miss a class you'll hear from us - because just like family, we want to make sure you're okay. We are more than a group of people working out in a room together and after 5 classes if you don't feel that way, you can call me personally and I'll make it my mission to set things right.