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Corporate Training

Soldiers of Fitness boot camp programs are targeted to build team work, promote a positive environment and get people exercising where they belong – outdoors. As your staff gets older their workplace sick days increase and their mobility and flexibility decrease. There are conflicts between employees and there is often no place or time to deload the stress from their body so they can feel better and resolve their differences. 

Soldiers of Fitness offers more than just a workout program – Our program brings loads of elements you probably haven’t considered:
•    The outdoor environment – Exercising outdoors not only gives you the benefit of the sun’s vitamins but also gives people a personal feeling of satisfaction that is hard to find in the gym. People who work indoors often need to reconnect with the earth and an outdoor environment is the perfect place to release endorphins and feel incredible.
•    Programming that changes – One of the biggest reasons people stop exercising is because they feel lost or bored with their routine. They know a few things, maybe read a book or magazine, but they don’t really know what they are doing. Our program changes all the time and is designed to build you up for a strong and functional, mobile life. We don’t just teach you a burpee, we teach you how to fall forward so you don’t break your wrist. We don’t just get you to lift a sandbag, we teach you how to hinge and rotate so you don’t hurt yourself when you pick up your groceries or reach for something in a cupboard. 
•    Experienced Staff – Our staff are well trained and educated, requiring more than a weekend physical training certificate. Our standards are higher than gyms and our instructors not only require years of experience in training, but must continue their education through certifications and seminars every year.
•    Quality of Life – If you show up to your training 3x per week and have paid for that training, you find yourself not only looking forward to the next session, but doing whatever you can to make it there. As you lose weight you are sick less often, feel better about yourself, and are more approachable by other staff members or the general public. The friends you make in our program tend to last a lifetime because they become more than that person you met at a fitness class – they become your friend. Our program encourages team work and bonding through physical activity so you get to know the people you are working with and aren’t just showing up for a class with a bunch of other strangers.
•    Options for everyone – We have Boot Camps, Foundation Boot Camps and Strength and Mobility programs. If you want to get in great shape and have been working out for a while you’ll probably want our boot camp program. If you are starting out and unsure of how to hold your body during exercise you might want our foundation boot camp. And if you want to prehab for sports injuries so you don’t get hurt, recover from pain you are currently in (back, shoulder, hip, knees, etc.) you may want our Strength and Mobility program.
•    Nutritional Guidance – We aren’t registered nutritionists but we know how to eat and how you need to eat to slowly and progressively turn your current eating habits into eating habits you can do for life. It’s not just about losing weight now, but finding a way in your current diet to facilitate change and keep the results for life.

Now that you know the benefits to your staff and consequently the benefits to you as an organization (less paid sick days, less employee conflicts, happier and more approachable staff, improved work quality, etc.) let’s discuss options.

Option 1: Join our current programs at 50% off for your first month and 15% off for subsequent months. Our regular price ranges depending on the program.

Option 2: Sign up for our corporate program where employees pay for their own month and we come to your business to do the program at a park nearby. If you contact me we can discuss pricing based on location, time of day and number of staff attending. Our rates are very competitive and often far cheaper than any other company.

Option 3: Sign up for our corporate program where the corporation pays for the month and unlimited number of staff can attend. If you contact me we can discuss pricing based on location, time of day and likely numbers for staff. Our rates are very competitive and often more affordable than any other company.

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