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Obstacle Course Race Training (OCR)

Are you a Spartan Warrior? A Tough Mudder or Mud Hero enthusiast? Do you want to be at your best at your next obstacle course race? While this program is for everyone, it focuses on building the skills needed to do great at an obstacle race. You will work your grip strength, pull power, heavy carry comfort and running. This program is best combined with the Run Smart program geared toward making you the best possible runner for your race.

Because obstacle course racing has a lot of aerobic activity (hills, fields, mud) and anaerobic activity (platinum rigs, sandbag carries, crawling etc.) the program runs like a high intensity class. You’ll complete a grip exercise, a run, then immediately follow it up with a heavy carry (or any combination of these). If you’re new to training there are many modifications to help you build strength and mobility that doesn’t require you being able to traverse rings (but that will be the goal).