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Class Types

Fit Family Kids Ages 8+

When you have kids, it's tough to fit training into your schedule. You try to balance giving your kids the skills and resources they will need to be successful in life, often at the cost of your own goals and fitness. With our Fit Family program, you can train with your kids. While in this program you won't experience heavy lifts, you will get to train in many aspects of fitness just as your kids are, including basic movements, gymnastics and more. Build confidence in yourself and give your son or daughter the gift of the mind of a soldier - unshakeable, tenacious, athletic and functional...Learn more

Circuit Blast

Circuit blast is our best stationary workout class that doesn't involve a lot of running. You will experience high intensity interval training, high volume training, plyometrics, agility and more - all in our team building environment. This is an ideal fat burning class for people who want high intensity training. Exercises and equipment vary every class but there are always progressions and regressions for all fitness levels. If you’re a regular attendee you will experience battle ropes, skipping, prowler sleds, kettlebells and more.Learn more

Functional Movement

Our functional movement program is geared toward getting your joints moving like you were a kid again and keeping them that way. In sports, training, or a sedentary life our tendons and ligaments often tighten up in ways they weren't meant to, causing pain in places we've never had pain before. Chronic pain is often a result of poor posture, limited range of motion in our joints, or overtraining (ligaments and tendons are not prepared for what we're asking of them). We teach this program as a tool to pre-habilitate and re-habilitate joints and muscles. The exercises and movements you will...Learn more

Cross Training

There are numerous benefits to cross training in different skills: they make you a better overall athlete, they challenge different energy systems, they challenge your body to adapt to new conditions, etc. Our cross training class focuses on different skills every week. Those skills will include various sports, cycling, rowing, ruck marching (weighted), Obstacle Course Training, Swimming, and more. Check out our Blog for updates on our Cross Training program every month!Learn more

Run Smart

Years of running races and ultramarathons has led us to develop this program for you. Every class is different, but you will learn optimal strides per minute, ground force reactions with stride, tactics to running trails, running down hills at faster speeds, injury prevention and recovery, proper warm-up and cool down and much more. This class mixes up running skills with hard running drills and varies classes to build aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold capacities. All of these skills are needed to run smart and still be running no matter how old you are.Learn more

Team Missions

Do you choose to accept this mission? If you sign up for this class you should be prepared for creative fun. Our missions class is treated like a military operation (without negativity) where you'll have phases and objectives to target throughout the parks. A story is often weaved into the mission, requiring you to come together as a team to find out what's going on and how you can defeat the enemy. Various equipment is utilized on missions, but one thing is for sure - you'll sweat and your muscles will burn. This workout is the foundation of our program - Team work, commitment, guts and...Learn more

Personal Training

Personal Training is the best and quickest way to reach your goals. By working directly with one of our trainers we can tailor a program for you based on your personal needs and limitations. We will offer progressions and regressions based on your flexibility, mobility, stability and strength. Because every person has very different needs based on what their bodies have gone through, personal training is as targeted as you can get. Our trainers work hard to keep their skill set updated, regularly attend seminars and certifications, and are highly motivated to push you to reach your goals...Learn more

Survivor Adventure Program

What is Survivor? A 3-day (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) adventure through incredible terrain and beautiful scenery; An experience within yourself to test your own limits and forget about your daily struggles and stresses; A seminar on the pillars of fitness (Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability), Nutrition (taught in pieces throughout the weekend) and Wellness (psychology of success and happiness, meditation and priming) and how you can bring it all together to have a long, satisfying and healthy life; The experience of a lifetime with people who are just as enthusiastic and good...Learn more

Survivor Adventure Program (Winter)

What is the Survivor Adventure Program (Winter)? A 1-day (12pm - 8pm) adventure through private forested untravelled terrain; An experience within yourself to test your own limits and forget about your daily struggles and stresses; A series of challenges throughout the day to compete as a team to win Top Team An educational experience on winter training, map and compass, fitness and movements, snowshoeing and more!; A seminar on the pillars of fitness (Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability) and Nutrition (taught in twenty minute pieces throughout the day) and how you can bring it all...Learn more

Corporate Team Building

How much would it be worth to you to increase the productivity of your employees? How much time would you save if you could decrease the bickering and frustration between employees? Would you like to become a better leader? Or learn to manage a team more efficiently? With over 10 years of team building experience, we know how to build teams from the top down. Beginning with leadership and utilizing fitness drills and missions, we conduct workouts so people can learn to work together, lead each other and become a stronger and fully unified team. We will train your team to feel like brothers...Learn more


Here is a list of workshops we run throughout the year: Kettlebell 1 - Introduction 3 hours - $60 members, $70 non-members Learn the basics of kettlebells from a good warm-up with general mobilization, positioning and proper posture throughout the swing and pull phase. Kettlebell 2 - Intermediate 3 hours - $60 members, $70 non-members Learn technique and proper movement through basic and intermedate movements like the snatch, double kettlebell work, kettlebell jerk, etc. Foundations 1 - Introduction 4 hours - $80 members, $90 non-members Learn how to properly prepare your joints, avoid injury...Learn more