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Survivor Adventure Program

What is Survivor?

  • A 3-day (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) adventure through incredible terrain and beautiful scenery;
  • An experience within yourself to test your own limits and forget about your daily struggles and stresses;
  • A series of challenges (optional) throughout the weekend to win a spot on the Survivor Wall of Fame;
  • An educational experience on setting up shelter and taking care of yourself with limited equipment and experience;
  • A seminar on the pillars of fitness (Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability) and Nutrition (taught in pieces throughout the weekend) and how you can bring it all together to have a long, satisfying and healthy life;
  • The experience of a lifetime with people who are just as enthusiastic and good natured.


                In Survivor Adventure X, hosted September 28,29,30, 2018, the program is akin to an adventure where you will experience a weekend away, hiking through nature and exploring the many types of terrain the world has to offer.

                Every year the location and experiences you will get will change. One year you may portage in a canoe and stay overnight in the middle of the forest. And the year after you may explore mountain caves. See the world the way it was meant to be seen – in nature where you can reconnect with yourself and forget your daily stresses. Best of all you get to do it with a group of people just like you. It’s quite common that people bond during the program and that bond can last forever.

                What you learn about yourself in nature is an experience you will never forget and one you can not only be proud of, but it’s a story you can share with people forever.

                The structure of the program is broken down into two registration types:

  1. Attendee – If you are only interested in the adventure and not the competition, you can register as an attendee. There is no expectation that you will have to participate in the activities scheduled through the weekend. Some competitions are optional (meaning you can participate if you want to) but some require a set number of equipment so you will not be able to participate. Want some extra sleep? There’s no need to wake up for the night activities if you are registered as an attendee.
  2. Competitor – Seeking a little more glory? If you compete in every activity planned throughout the weekend you will receive a certificate of completion in the program and go on our Survivor wall of fame (your picture and certificate will go on to the Survivor Photo Album on our website to proudly display). If you win the most activities throughout the weekend by earning a coupon for each victory, you will receive a prize. If you register as a Competitor and decide it's not for you while the program is running or you become injured, you can request to become an attendee. Unfortunately that means you can't get into the Survivor Photo Album and there is no refund.

So how does it all work?

A few months prior to the event you are given the location you will need to travel to for 6pm on Friday night. From the start of the course on Friday night we will do the introduction and explanation on how to set up your camp site for the night. We will be sorting through equipment to make sure you are well prepared for the journey ahead and you have all necessary equipment.  Late Friday night the first competition will take place, or you can have a fire and relax with a few drinks or head to bed until Saturday morning. From Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon you will be taken through all types of terrain and you will compete in several activities (optional for attendees) that will challenge your mental sharpness, agility, strength, flexibility, and more! There will be a good deal of sleep available if you decide to register as an attendee. As a competitor you will be required to do all activities, including the night activities, which will mean a bit less sleep. Included in the program are several strength and mobility sessions so you will learn how to keep mobile and strong for life, and several lessons on nutrition and tips on long term athletic development and maintenance (these are essentially free fitness lectures that could change your life!).

What equipment do you require?

                The kit list for the program is as you would expect for a camping trip (less the tent). You will be shown how to make your own shelter with the equipment you have brought with you. The food you bring is optional but we have a good list of recommendations to keep you going throughout the weekend. Remember what you bring with you from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon must be carried by you (and a partner if you decide to partner up). Sample kit lists are available on request (e-mail

Who can attend?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old is eligible to register. We’ve had participants from 20 – 55 years old participate in the program and happily accept everyone. There is no minimum fitness level requirement but participants should be capable of carrying a 40lb pack for hour long intervals repeatedly (covering 20 – 30km’s in a day). To prepare for Survivor it is recommended that you walk with a good hiking pack that is packed with everything you plan to bring. Start light in the first week or two of marching two or three times a week for 30 minutes and build up from there to a heavier back and an hour long march. You will not be required to carry your entire bags weight through the weekend but try to be prepared for as much as you can so the experience is more enjoyable. Check out our Facebook page for further advice and tips on preparation.


                The Survivor program began as a way to test the mental and physical strength of individuals over a forty-four-hour period. How much could one mind take when placed against nature and a military boot camp atmosphere? As we sought the answer to that question year after year we adjusted and changed the program to offer a more exciting and enjoyable program. We were confident that the members of our platoons were tough and could take the pressure – the human mind and body is capable of incredible things.

Need to see more? Check out the video from 2016!



September 28,29,30, 2018


REGISTATION TYPE: Individual Attendee or Competitor

There are no refunds issued for Survivor Adventure once you are registered for the program. This includes any medical or physical issues leading up to the program. The fees can't be carried over to another program or used as medical credit.



Attendee - Save $50 when you register before June 1st ($149 + Tax)! Save $25 when you register before August 1st ($174 + Tax)! Regular price is $199.
Competitior - Save $50 when you register before June 1st ($199 + Tax)! Save $25 when you register before July 1st ($224 + Tax)! Regular price is $249.



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