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Team Missions

Do you choose to accept this mission? If you sign up for this class you should be prepared for creative fun. Our missions class is treated like a military operation (without negativity) where you'll have phases and objectives to target throughout the parks. A story is often weaved into the mission, requiring you to come together as a team to find out what's going on and how you can defeat the enemy. Various equipment is utilized on missions, but one thing is for sure - you'll sweat and your muscles will burn. 

This workout is the foundation of our program - Team work, commitment, guts and glory. We use all types of equipment to complete the mission such as tires, sandbags, rebar (that weigh as much as our service rifles), carl (named after the Carl Gustov - and weighs about the same) and much more. Missions often include heading to four or five locations and working together to complete large numbers of exercises as a team to accomplish a single objective: mission success.

This program is suited for anyone. But for the best experience, you should be capable of running 5km's, with a few stops, over a 60 minute period.


“The group dynamic is fantastic... welcoming, motivating, and energizing. With the combination of this dynamic and the structure, it's simply fun... it's like recess for adults. The missions completely take my mind off the fact I'm exercising. Fantastic way to start off the day... a great group of people, having fun together, often with a beautiful sunrise.”
- Joe Kresovic, Hog’s Back AM Platoon


“I was sold at the end of my first session. Although I was nervous to come back, it was the team that welcomed me and made me feel like I had potential.”
- Julia Dmowski, Hog’s Back AM Platoon